5 Haziran 2013 Çarşamba


What is happening in Turkiye?

First, we need to summarize the political history of the AKP government that is ruling Turkey. Roots of the AKP government are based on political radical Islam. This is the main reason that they consider people who don’t support them as enemies. For AKP, if you do not embrace and appreciate their politics, it is unnecessary for you to live. The process that started this revolution cannot be considered just because of trees. This is for Turkic race freedom, this is for Turkic national dearness and this is for the father of the TURK'S ATATURK and for the Secular Turkiye Rebuplic! The public has been uncomfortable with the oppressive AKP regime and they have been waiting for a step of unity to show that. Leftist parties in Turkey couldn’t organize the public but the public organized themselves. The millions that have been struggling against the AKP regime include people from a variety of different political views. That is what scares AKP the most. Only a small group supports AKP.

AKP has been holding the monopoly of media for a long period of time to hide the fact they are powerless from the people of Turkey. They bought many newspapers and television channels. This has been their plan to cover up their weaknesses. But the truth was finally revealed, the truth that AKP and Erdogan are not powerful at all.

No matter how many newspapers and TV channels they bought, AKP never owned the social media. While AKP was trying to cover up its oppressive regime, the truth spread to millions through social media.

The reality is that social media is the one knocking down Erdogan, not opposing political parties. This is not my personal opinion, he stated this fact himself. Just 2 days ago he made the said himself that he should “Hang the people who share news from Facebook and Twitter”. Erdogan became tougher as he became powerless. Just like the other dictators from history.

Erdogan was using police to get his opponents imprisoned. The bond between police and Erdogan are based on their Islamist roots. This is why there are so many police that will kill all opponents with one order from Erdogan.

Police have killed many so far. The newspapers he owned are trying to hide this. This is when Erdogan’s big fear social media kicked in and decoded the slaughters. Newspapers of Erdogan are not effective anymore. Because people can see the massacres on streets with their own eyes. Erdogan does not only use police to butcher his opponents, he uses Islamist teens connected to him to increase and spread the violence. These teens are put among police.

Erdogan gives the message “I have the power! If you oppose, you might die.” But there is something he forgot. The nation of Turkey is not afraid to die. Look at the our history we are Turkic race! Erdogan can use his mercenary police against the public, the public does not back down. The people have learned to defend themselves against the modern violence weapons AKP police has been using. Doctors are on guard for the slaughters. People live as if they are in war. Volunteers carry food and medicine to opponents.

People who nobody could have guessed would unite are fighting against the AKP regime together. While I am writing this for you, I am sure many opponents are hurt throughout Turkey. Police are attacking people no matter if they are children or women. And if you, people of the world keep silent and inconsiderate to what is happening in Turkey, you will remember the man who wrote this as “deceased”.
Thank you for spending time to read this.

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