24 Aralık 2010 Cuma

Sozde Ermeni Soykirimi Protesto Edelim...


Sözde soykırım yasasını protesto etmek için alttaki mektubu John Boehner adlı Kongre üyesine yolluyoruz.

Sizler de bu yasayı protesto etmek isterseniz, aynı mektuba kendi adınızı yazarak yollayabilirsiniz.








Dear Congressman Boehner,

We are writing to urge you not to be influenced by Armenian activits for yet another vote on H. Res.252.

The supporters of H. Res. 252, about the so-called “Armenian genocide”, are attempting one more time to obtain the vote by US Congress.

Do you know who backs this resolution?

The Armenian National Committee of America (ANCA) is the branch of Armenian Revolutionary Federation (ARF).

Mourad Topalian, chairman of ANCA from 1991 to 1999, and who has still a prominent position in this umbrella, was sentenced by Ohio justice in 2001 for illegal storing of war weapons and explosives, linked to a terrorist organization.

Hampig Sassounian, member of ARF and of its terrorist wing (“Justice Commandos Against Armenian Genocide”, JCAG), was sentenced to life in 1984 for the assassination of Turkish general Consul in Los Angeles; Mr. Sassounian received, and still receives, a constant and unconditional support from both ARF and ANCA.

http://www.ataa.org/reference/ATAA_Statement_in_Opposition_of_Parole.pdf http://www.ataa.org/reference/Supporting_Documents_Hampig_Sassounian.pdf

Such crimes and glorification of crimes should surprise nobody: on December 24, 1933, seven members of ARF assassinated brutally the archbishop L. Tourian during the mass, and were sentenced by New York justice for this crime; their lawyer’s cost were entirely paid by ARF.

Actually, ARF, especially in USA, supported vehemently the Nazi regime.

ARF turned to a pro-American and pro-Western position around 1948, but chose openly the Soviet side in 1972, and remained in such a position — with few clashes — until the end of 1980’s.

The Armenian Assembly of America (AAA) is dominated by Ramkavar party and includes the Hunchak party.

Both supported strongly USSR during the cold war.

The Hunchak party supported the Armenian Secret Army for Liberation of Armenia (ASALA) and the Ramkavar allowed some of his prominent members to support Armenian terrorism of 1970’s/1980’s.

Why is this resolution unacceptable?

This draft, copy of propositions made in 2007 and 2008, is misleading, both from legal and historical perspective: http://www.tusiad.us/Content/uploaded/ERMENI.PDF

In a democracy, it is not the politicians who write history, but historians.

It is absolutely false to assert that all the historians use the “genocide” label; in fact, the majority of scholars with a specific qualification to deal with Ottoman history reject, or at least criticize, the “genocide” label for the Armenian case; the list includes Gwynne Dyer, Edward J. Erickson, Jacob C. Hurewitz, Bernard Lewis, Guenter Lewy, Justin McCarthy, Andrew Mango, Norman Stone, Malcolm E. Yapp and Gilles Veinstein.

In UK, in both houses, the efforts of the spokespersons (Supporting Armenian claims) have always failed because it is an accepted fact that the historians do not agree on these false claims and that thousands of Turkish people suffered massacres in the hands of Armenian terrorist/activist during the same period (see above sources).

In France, the majority of the most prominent historians created an association claiming the suppression of “memorial laws” and the end of ethnic lobbying in Parliaments:



This initiative was supported by the American Historical Association.

The French National Assembly, frequently mentioned by supporters of Armenian claims in USA and some other countries, published in 2010 a report, written by his president, Bernard Accoyer, concluding that no more “memorial laws” should be voted, especially about Armenian case.

There is no legal, ethical or historical reason to jeopardize the US-Turkish relations in accepting the claims of Armenian nationalist associations, whose fidelity to US values and interests is more than questionable.


Respectfully, yazan yerin altina adinizi ve soy adinizi yazip daha sonra, AsktheLeader@mail.house.gov bu adrese postalamalisiniz cok onemli arkadaslar sayica ne kadar cok olursak o kadar basarili olabiliriz...

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